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Brian Zelickson, MD

CEO, United Skin Specialists

“Vibradermabrasion is a unique procedure that can exfoliate skin faster than any microdermabrasion system.  With ProCell’s unique system you can easily transition from microchanneling to vibradermabrasion is seconds. Our patients prefer the treatment to standard micro-dermabrasion.”  


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Martin Braun, MD

Director of Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Center

Vancouver, BC 

“Microchanneling with ProCell is easy to perform and proven safe for all skin types any time of the year.  Today’s busy patients are looking for solutions that don’t require long recovery periods. ProCell’s Microchanneling is a simple and elegant treatment that offers big results without any significant downtime or recovery period.”  


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Mitchell Schwartz, MD

Director of Dorset Street Dermatology

Burlington, VT

“Over the years, I had become frustrated with the low quality and poor design of all of the available microneedling devices. Working with an expert machinist, we built a combination microdermabrasion and microchanneling system that is far superior to anything on the market. Here are some of the salient features that the ProCell system provides:

  • High power Swiss motor that enables us to drive larger-sized needle arrays and paddle-style tips resulting in much faster treatment times.

  • Our fixed needle arrays are designed to ensure clean skin perforations at consistent depths with each stroke. 

  • The unique ‘tapping motion method” we recommend virtually eliminates any of the “cat-scratch” effects seen with the other micro-pens on the market.

  • The single-use needle arrays are designed so there is no possible way to get cross-contamination.

  • The unique handgrip shape fits ergonomically in the hand, resulting in reduced operator fatigue even during extended treatment times.”


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Lennard Miller, MD, FACS, FRCS

Founder of Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation
Boston, MA

Leonard Miller, MD, one of the first medical professionals to bring micro-needling in the United States explains why he prefers ProCell to other available micro-needling devices.

“ProCell'smicrochannelling system is unique as it creates clean perforations in the skin as compared to traditional rollers and pen-based systems that can create tears and surface scratches.  Treatments are fast and efficient.”

“ProCell'smicrochannelling system is a great addition to any plastic surgery practice.  Whether it is part of a skincare plan or in combination with a surgical procedure, it is a great package to expand your service offering to your patients"


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